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Why Share Room in Houseboat?

Thinking about hiring a houseboat? Get ready to be stunned ! You will hear a price that you think is too much. You see such a huge price because the cost of maintaining a single bedroom houseboat is very high compared to the returns. We have come up with the option of sharing the houseboat so that you can enjoy the backwater stay at a much economic price. has a number of houseboat packages available, Private as well as Shared options that will suit your budget.

If you wish to share a houseboat we will help you find suitable companions with whom you can share the houseboat. You will be having a private room in the houseboat with all the facilities and food. Create a booking request or drop a message, our executive will get back to you with a houseboat package that will suit you in all ways. So get ready to be amazed by the Kerala Backwaters, price is no more a barrier, see you onboard afloat!

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Available Sharing Options

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